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Panther is an event consolidation and management application that centralizes and manages events from IT systems, networks and applications in a single console. Support and Operations teams benefit from increased efficiency and speed to problem resolution by being able to quickly and easily identify the monitoring events that are most important.

Use the Panther Console and Rules to filter, acknowledge, group, enrich, de-duplicate, aggregate, categorize, assign ownership and manage events through an (ITSM) Event Management lifecycle. Events can be securely sourced and processed from any Syslog source and/or via the Panther API.

Watch your Events like a Panther!

IT Support - First Line Operations

defintion: Event /ɪˈvɛnt/ noun a thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance.

Something has just happened: High performing IT Support teams are able to quickly respond to events by being able to answer these questions quickly:

  • What does it mean?
  • How important is it?
  • Does action need to be taken?
  • Who is owning it?
  • If it happens again, do I want to know about it?

This is achieved by having clear visibility of what needs actioning and being able to adapt to change - quickly and continuously.

Panther Key Features


  • Summary
  • Inventory
  • Activity Stream


  • Event Management
  • Assign
  • Add Notes
  • Modify/Clear
  • Create rule from event


  • Global/Group
  • Enrich
  • De-Duplicate
  • Filter/Categorize
  • Prioritize
  • GUI Rule builder


  • Simple, configurable filters via field/value pairs

API Console

  • Create first events using API


  • Users
  • Syslog config
  • Certs and Keys
  • API Keys